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Trading terms and Condition

Please note that our mistletoe/holly is sold by weight, and this is packaged weight for delivery. As a matter of course we over pack our consignments to compensate for packaging.

All fresh mistletoe/holly is harvested to order. It is hoped that most of our customers’ mistletoe/holly, that is harvested to order, will be dispatched 24 hours after harvesting so giving time for the mistletoe/holly time to dry before packaging. When this is not possible for any reason, dispatch will be as soon as possible after harvesting.

When placing an order with the English Mistletoe Company it is the customers responsibility, in the case of customers buying 5 kilos or under (domestic customers), to indicated the week commencing that delivery is required. The English Mistletoe Company will harvest and dispatch accordingly. Failure on the customer’s behalf to make such a notification, then the English Mistletoe Company will harvest and dispatch at their earliest opportunity.

In the case of Customers ordering 5 Kilos or less (domestic customers) the English Mistletoe Company reserve the right to chose to dispatch using the Post Office or an alternative carrier. Delivery in these circumstance can take up to three working days to arrive. Every opportunity will be made to dispatch so arrival is anticipated within the working week of dispatch.

In case of Trade Customer ordering 5 Kilos or more, it is the customer’s responsibility to indicate which day, Monday - Thursday their order is to be dispatched.

In the Case of Trade Customers ordering 5 Kilo or more the English Mistletoe Company will use a carrier with next day delivery service.

In the Case of Trade Customer ordering over 5 Kilos, the English Mistletoe Company will harvest in accordance of the Customers instructions to insure a dispatch on their chosen day.

In the case of all items ordered the prices of each items ordered include delivery within the UK. Any deliveries required outside of the UK must agreed in advance and delivery cost which are additional must also be agreed.

In the Case of Trade Customers Ordering 5 Kilos or more, any one single delivery must not exceed 30 kilos (Packaged weight), to any one address. Order over 30 kilos will incur further delivery charges to be met by the customer. Multiples of 5 Kilo boxes up to 25 Kilos will only be sent to one address. If alternative delivery is required to another address this will be subject to a fresh order per address, delivery included in the purchase price. These deliveries are for the mainland UK only. Delivery outside of the mainland UK will be agreed in advance.

All goods ordered must be paid for in full prior to any harvesting and dispatching, unless previously agreed  by the English Mistletoe Company.

In the event of the Customer (domestic or trade) cancelling an order that has been paid for the cost of the order will be refunded minus £5 administration charge. If the order is cancelled within 3 days or less of the dispatch date no refund will be issued.

The English Mistletoe Company use PayPal as it administrator and functionary for Online payments. The only information sent to The English Mistletoe Company is that information that is necessary for the English Mistletoe Company to completed the requested order.

All customers who purchase fresh English mistletoe agree immediately upon receipt to remove all the mistletoe from its packaging and then store appropriately in a damp cool place. Failure to do so means that the English Mistletoe Company except no responsibility for early deterioration of the product.

All customers by placing an order with the English Mistletoe Company for Fresh English Mistletoe /holly will be deemed to have read and understood the required handling and storage requirements to insure that the product is kept in its prime. Failure to comply with these instruction is totally at the customer’s liability.

All customers purchasing fresh mistletoe from the English Mistletoe Company agree that they will not use the mistletoe in anyway that can cause any human or animal to ingest any part of the mistletoe plant.  

If there any queries about our products, term and conditions please right to

The English Mistletoe Company

41, Berrington Road

Tenbury Wells


WR15 8EL

Nothing in the above affects your statutory rights.