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Our fresh products

“The English Mistletoe Company will not necessarily provide the cheapest product, but we will provide you with the best quality product”.

The English Mistletoe Company sources it fresh products (Mistletoe and Holly) from local and sustainable sources. We are careful when harvesting that we only take what we need and look to keep young plants in place for future use. Likewise we do not completely clear out both male and female plants so that reproduction in the next season is possible.

When harvesting our fresh products we put it through a grading system so that only the best possible product is taken to our packing facility. We know that during latter half of November and December we are likely to be harvesting in wet conditions, which means fresh products can be very wet. Prior to packing our products are given time to air dry if required to insure any excess moisture is removed from the plant. This means that when packed we avoid the spoilage of our products that can our whilst in transit due to excess moisture. It also means that, as we sell by weight, you are paying for product and not for excess water, which is heavy!

Using your fresh products

You have been sold mistletoe and holly on the strict understanding that you will be using the product solely in a decorative or ceremonial way. Under no circumstance should the plants be used in any way that can cause ingestion by humans or pets.

Once you take mistletoe or holly into a heated environment it will start to dry out more quickly, than when it is in a non heated environment. This will reduce the decorative life of the product and deterioration will correspond to the amount of heat it is exposed to. Under normal indoor conditions we suggest that you can expect fresh product to stay in a good condition for at least two weeks. If you place your fresh product next to a heat source, such as a radiator or under a spot lights, the time it will stay looking it’s best will be reduced rapidly and it will be proportionate to the amount of heat it is exposed to.

A young healthy mistletoe plant, slowly maturing in the autumn sun: a future year’s crop

Mistletoe made into a traditional hanging decoration- ready for that kiss!

Once the product has suitably dried the fresh product is grade again as it is packed. This ensures that you only get the best possible product delivered to you.

We harvest to order so you know that the product you have order has been through the above process with your delivery in mind.

To insure you get the best possible product we insist on using a carrier service with a 24 hour delivery service. Our carrier service will notify you of a 1 hour delivery slot when you can expect your delivery to arrive. We have no control over this delivery slot.

Storing your fresh product

Once you receive your consignment of fresh mistletoe or holly we request that you immediately remove it from all of its packaging and then store it in a cool damp place before you are ready to use it. Ideal place to store your fresh product is in an unheated garage or out building, to keep it damp spray it lightly with water once a day.

In respect of berries of mistletoe or holly these must not be ingested by any humans, especially children or pets, so please consider where you do store the plants.