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The English Mistletoe Company (EMC) has evolved out of Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise, which was set up in 2004 (for further information please see related article in our Blog). The founder of The English Mistletoe Company, Reg Farmer, set up EMC for the 2011 Mistletoe Season. It was established to champion Mistletoe in all forms and to provide a commercial outlet for high quality fresh English Mistletoe to the widest possible audience via the Internet.

The English Mistletoe Company is a small part time enterprise that is active from October through to April. We have a passion for Mistletoe, it’s folklore and traditions which we will happily share with one and all.

It is the English Mistletoe Company’s aim to insure that fresh mistletoe products reach customers within three to four days of harvesting, thus ensuring customers’ products will look their best when used in what ever formats as well as insuring, if handled properly, it will last well during the festive season. Our experience has taught us that in wet conditions mistletoe benefits from a period of 24 hours drying before being packed and dispatched to customers.

Reg Farmer


Founder of the English Mistletoe Company

The Company looks to develop new ideas to promote the finest quality English Mistletoe and to provide fresh and associated mistletoe products for the public to enjoy, that we hope will encapsulate the traditions, history and folklore of this fascinating semi-parasitic plant.

We unfortunately lost Reg is August 2017, EMC continues in his memory. EMC will adhere to the standards he set in respect of sustainability of the plant and we will continue to promote mistletoe, out of respect for his enthusiasm for the plant and the legends and folklore associated with it.  

Please be sure to check out about our fresh products to learn how to store mistletoe properly.